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SubSkills Training Course
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SubSkills Training Course

SubSkills Training Course

Improve Your Substitute Teaching Skills

Minneapolis Public Schools has instituted a new reserve teacher-training program designed by the Utah State University Substitute Teaching Institute.  This training program is available for new and current reserve teachers to improve their teaching skills.

The cost of this training course is $39.95 and is payable online by credit or debit card.

The course includes 8-10 hours of interactive SubSkills online training, videos, numerous PDF versions of Fill-In Activities you can use in the classroom, online SubAssessments, and a SubDiploma.

The SubSkills training course covers:

  • The Professional Substitute Teacher
  • Classroom Management
  • Teaching Strategies
  • SubOrientation
  • Special Education

To Register and Purchase the SubSkills Online Training Package

  1. Go to STEDI.org, select Purchase Training, then choose the SubSkills Online Training Course (for $39.95), and Add to Cart. (Minneapolis Public Schools does NOT have a Coupon Code.)
  2. Review your order and click on Proceed to Checkout. Please complete the requested information and remember to choose Minnesota as your “State” and Minneapolis Public Schools as your “District”.
  3. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions and check the box to confirm you have done so.
  4. Once you finalize your transaction and have received an Order Number, you will be able to immediately begin your training by clicking on the dark blue button that says, “Go to Course”.
  5. You may come and go as you please in the training. When you want to come back to the training, return to the website STEDI.org and click on Course Login, which is the first picture of the four across the center of the page. Login and click on “Go to Course” to return to your training.

SubSkills and SubAssessment

The online SubAssessments are designed to evaluate how well the SubSkills training has been mastered.

Once you complete studying each chapter, take the SubAssessment related to the section you have just studied. You may complete the modules in any order you wish.

  1. The SubAssessments are the only timed portions of the course. 
  2. After completing each test attempt, next to your score you will see a Review, showing you the questions you answered incorrectly with the answers you selected that were NOT the BEST answer.
  3. Use the Review as a study guide before taking the assessment again. You may go back into the Lessons to see what the best answer should have been for the questions you answered incorrectly.
  4. You may use up to four (4) attempts in each of the five skill areas to reach your best score. The computer always keeps your highest score.
  5. The composite score is not the same as an average – a mathematical formula gives more weight to Classroom Management than any other section, so that section is the longest (18 questions) and may be more difficult. [Note: Classroom Management counts for 52% of your composite score.]
  6. The Minneapolis Public Schools requires a passing composite score of at least 85%.


Once you have completed the SubSkills training and each of the SubAssessments with a passing composite score of at least 85%, a SubDiploma with your name on it will be available for you to see and print. It is located at the end of the Welcome Section in the SubSkills Online Training Course Outline.

The SubDiploma should be provided to the Reserve Desk located in the Human Resource department.

Additional Resources

When you register for your account at STEDI.org, you’ll receive free access to the following:

  1. Biweekly tips on classroom management, professionalism, and fill in activities through the SubSuggestions Newsletter
  2. The STEDI.org blog for Substitute Teachers, creating dialogue with other substitute teachers through the ideas presented.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please view the Get Help page: http://stedi.org/subs/help/.  You may also contact STEDI at 1-800-922-4693, “chat” with us online, or email info@stedi.org.  Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. mountain time or 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. central time.