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Student Teachers
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Student Teachers: 2021-22

Student Teachers: 2021-22

MPS requires that college/university placement coordinators communicate directly with school principals to determine placements for all students. Individual students cannot contact principals or teachers on their own.

Once your placement has been secured by your placement coordinator, you must complete the following steps before beginning your placement. The registration form and background check must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to your start date.

Student Teacher Registration Process:

2019-20 Placements

1. Register for a placement using the online registration portal.  You must register in this portal before your university placement coordinator can make a placement request on your behalf.

2. Criminal Background Check- Once your registration has been submitted and reviewed, you will receive a separate email with instructions to complete our criminal background check online. You should expect to receive the background check email shortly after submitting your registration. There is a $7 processing fee for each background check.  

Frequently asked questions regarding criminal background checks

How do I pay for my background check?

Pay the $7 fee for your background check here