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Rescue Resume Tips
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Resume Sample


Minneapolis, MN 55411 • (612) 668-0500 • resumeasample@gmail.com

Professional Summary

Highly qualified, skilled Culinary Arts professional seeking to support fellow kitchen staff with various tasks, and facilitate a safe work environment while nurturing children through access to quality food and active living.


  • Fresh Food Prep Expertise
  • ServeSafe Management Certification
  • Team Leader
  • Ability to Stand Long Periods of Time
  • Operations Kitchen Machinery and Equipment
  • Lifting to 50 Pounds
  • Work Under Pressure with Positive Vibes
  • Multitask to Achieve Set Goals

Work History

Kitchen Staff II, 10/2017 to Current

Target Logistics

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kraft Foods, 01/2015 to 10/2017

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wolf Gang Puck Catering, 08/2010 to 01/2015

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Some College

MCTC – Minneapolis, MN


North High School – Minneapolis, MN



Selling You on Paper




One of the most common elements of a job search is the need for an effective résumé. This document will guide you through the process of creating your résumé.


A résumé is a document that summarizes your qualifications, experience, and education relevant to a job. You use it to apply for job openings and get an interview.

Standard résumé guidelines include:

•            The Thumb Rule: List the most important information on the first half of the first page.

•            The “I” Rule:  Do not use “I” in the résumé because each statement should imply this.

•            Length:  One page is the general recommendation, but two is acceptable.

•            One-line: Use one-liners to keep information concise, specific, and easy to review.

•            Full Words: Do not use contractions or abbreviations (ex: administrator not admin).

•            White Space: Leave plenty of white space so the résumé is easy to read.

•            Bullets: Use bullet points to itemize skills, tasks, accomplishments, etc.

•            Fonts:  Use the following font settings to maintain formatting and consistency.

Standard Fonts                Standard Font Sizes

•            Arial                                   •   10

•            Calibri                                •   11

•            Times New Roman           •   12



Your name, street address (optional), city and state, phone number (with voice mail), and email should appear at the top of a résumé. Be sure to have a professional:

•            Voicemail message

•            Ring back tone

•            Email address


The profile or summary section is a two to three-line summary that matches your specific job skills to the posted requirements of the job announcement.


The qualifications or skills section is a bulleted list of your knowledge, skills, and abilities that relate to the job announcement. Do not confuse qualifications/skills with job tasks and duties. Job tasks and duties relate to activities done on a job, but qualifications/skills are the result of experience and/or education that indicate your knowledge and abilities.

Examples of qualifications:

•            Possess 5 years’ English as a Second Language (ESL)

•            Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Word and Excel

•            Highly knowledgeable in Plant Operations and OSHA safety

•            Bilingual in English and Spanish, both written and verbal


The experience section establishes past employers, the kind of work you did, and your job stability.  Information should include:

•            Job title, company, city, and state

•            Non-paid experience, if it relates to the job

•            Month and year of employment in number format (10/2019 or 10/19) 

•            Bulleted list of job duties and outstanding accomplishments or contributions

Some other important notes about listing job duties include:

•            Begin each statement with active verbs to describe tasks

Example: Established a vibrant art community

•            Maintain same tense through history

Example: Manage (Present), Managed (Past), Managing (Active)

•            Be specific in the description

Example: Led monthly experiential education trips of 12-15 students to IL and WI

•            List significant contributions and/or proven result figures

Example: MDE COVID-19 Emergency Online Lead for all Learning Instructional Staffers


The education section should include:

•            Highest level of school attended

•            High School or GED if no college or technical degree was earned