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MPS District's License Renewal Process

MPS District's License Renewal Process


Steps to Relicensure

The State of Minnesota’s license renewal process involves three (3) key steps: 
  1. Assemble copies of your recorded and approved clock hours (transcripts, “Certificate of Completion’), by content area, earned since your last license renewal (5 years);
  2. A packet of those approved clock hours, arranged by following a district’s instruction, is submitted to a district review committee for ‘approval’;
  3. Once ‘approved’ by a district, payment must be made to MDE to complete license renewal process (license is considered ‘renewed’ once payment has been received and verified by MDE). Note: People who receive the approval email need to wait until after January 1, 2024 to pay for their license renewal.
  4. Note: How to print your SuccessFactors Transcripts

Non MPS, Retired Teachers, or Former MPS Employees Information

Due to the volume of applicants, Minneapolis Public Schools will not be able to return re-licensure materials. If you need to retain materials, please make copies before submitting them to the re-licensure commitee.

If you have any questions regarding your Minnesota teaching license, contact the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (651) 539-4200, or visit their website at the following address: https://mn.gov/pelsb

New Tiered Licensure Information

The new Tiered Licensure in Minnesota Graphic

Moving Between Tiers: The Relicensure Committee is not involved in moving between Tiers. This link is provided as a resource for you. For more Tier Movement, please email tier.movement@mpls.k12.mn.us

MPS Specific Instructions

Please consult the following forms for relicensure instructions specific to MPS:

Process for Relicensure

Criteria for Relicensure Categories and Requirements

How to print your SuccessFactors Transcripts

The Professional Learning and Leadership Academy (PLLA):

MPS offers our MPS staff, community partners (examples: YMCA Beacons, Minneapolis Parks and Recreation, etc), as well as our Reserve Teachers access to our Professional Development courses through SuccessFactors

Minneapolis Relicensure Committee Members:

  • Jon Westby, Chair
  • Sarah Noma, Secretary
  • Shannon Tenner, Administrative Representative (director, principal, and asst. principal renewals only)
  • Sharon Delisle
  • Ryan Galindo
  • Mario Galindo

For additional questions, please contact:

General information
MPS District Relicensure Committee
Division of Human Capital
1250 West Broadway Avenue
Minneapolis, MN  55411
Phone:  612.668.0500
Fax:  612.668.0525

Administrator information
Shannon Tenner, Principal, Justice Page
Relicensure Administrative Representative
Justice Page Middle School
1 West 49th Street
Minneapolis, MN  55419
Phone:  612.668.4041
Fax:  612.668.4050