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MPS District's License Renewal Process

MPS District's License Renewal Process

Steps to Relicensure

The State of Minnesota’s license renewal process involves three (3) key steps: 
  1. Assemble copies of your recorded and approved clock hours (transcripts, “Certificate of Completion’), by content area, earned since your last license renewal (5 years);
  2. A packet of those approved clock hours, arranged by following a district’s instruction, is submitted to a district review committee for ‘approval’;
  3. Once ‘approved’ by a district, payment must be made to MDE to complete license renewal process (license is considered ‘renewed’ once payment has been received and verified by MDE)

***Due to the volume of applicants, Minneapolis Public Schools will not be able to return re-licensure materials. If you need to retain materials, please make copies before submitting them to the re-licensure commitee.

If you have any questions regarding your Minnesota teaching license, contact the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (651) 539-4200, or visit their website at the following address:

New Tiered Licensure Information

The new Tiered Licensure in Minnesota Graphic

MPS Specific Instructions

Please consult the following forms for relicensure instructions specific to MPS:

Process for Relicensure

Criteria for Relicensure Categories and Requirements

The Professional Learning and Leadership Academy (PLLA):

MPS offers our MPS staff, community partners (examples: YMCA Beacons, Minneapolis Parks and Recreation, etc), as well as our Reserve Teachers access to our Professional Development courses through eCompass

Minneapolis Relicensure Committee Members:

  • Dan Dymoke, Chair
  • Sarah Noma, Secretary
  • Shannon Tenner, Administrative Representative
  • Carol Kantor, Community Representative
  • Mario Galindo
  • Jon Wesby
  • Steve Smith, Chair Emeritus

For additional questions, please contact:

General information
MPS District Relicensure Committee
Division of Human Capital
1250 West Broadway Avenue
Minneapolis, MN  55411
Phone:  612.668.0500
Fax:  612.668.0525

Administrator information
Shannon Tenner, Assistant Principal
Relicensure Adminstrative Representative
Washburn High School
201 West 49th Street
Minneapolis, MN  55419
Phone:  612.668.3400
Fax:  612.668.3410