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The Human Capital department has developed a registration system for our practicum and student teaching placements. This system collects data from our colleges/universities as well as our cooperating teachers, to ensure that all students are properly screened, principals are aware of and approve all placements, and allows us to track excellent student teachers for early hire.

As part of this system, we are requiring that college/university placement coordinators communicate directly with principals (or designee) for all placements.

Principal (or designated liaison)

When you receive a placement request, it is your responsibility as a school to:

  1. Check that the college/university has a contract to place students with MPS on the Community Partners website
  2. Determine if you can place the student in your school based on whether:
  • The placement meets the needs of your site
  • You have a strong cooperating teacher who can mentor the student (Cooperating Teacher Criteria)

If a college/university or student contacts you directly regarding a placement, please inform them that they must go through the placement process.

  • Cooperating Teacher Criteria
  • Cooperating Teacher Q Comp Stipend: all cooperating teachers who host student teachers are eligible for a Q Comp stipend. The stipend is tiered based on the length of the student teaching placement and whether co-teaching is implemented. Learn more about the Cooperating Teacher stipend on the Q Comp website. Teachers do not earn a stipend for hosting pre-student teachers (field experience or practicum students).