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Become a School Leader: School Year 2019-20

Become a School Leader: School Year 2019-20

2019-20 School Leader Hiring Process

The 2019-20 School Leader Pool is closed. Please check back in winter for information on the 2020-21 application process.


NOTE: The priority deadline for applying to the 2019-20 school leader pool is March 1st, 2019. Your application may not receive priority review after this date.

The school leader hiring process at MPS is driven by the following core beliefs:

  • Broad Recruitment
  • Consistent, Transparent, and Rigorous Process
  • Competency-based Assessments
  • Intentional School-based Involvement
  • Superintendent Decision Informed by all Stakeholders

In order to make sure we're identifying school leaders as early as possible, the school leader selection process begins early, before all school year vacancies have been identified. For this reason, school leader candidates will experience two phases of their candidacy.

  • Phase 1: Selection for the 2019-2020 School Leader Candidate Pool - Before interviewing for positions at specific schools, candidates must first be selected for school leader candidate pool. Candidates who meet our minimum qualifications and pass an inital resume screen will be invited to participate in a number of assessment activities, including a written problem, a teacher observation, a role play, and an interview with one of our Associate Superintendents.
    • Priority Application Deadline: March 1st, 2019. To be guaranteed an opportunity to compete for a spot in the pool, candidates must apply for the candidate pool through the MPS careers portal by this date
  • Phase 2: Selection for a School - Once selected for the School Leader Candidate pool, Associate Superintendents will identify a small group of finalists for each Principal position, who will interview with representatives from the school community. The school community will provide feedback and recommendations to the Superintendent and Chief of Schools, who make the final selection decision.


There is currently no principal residency program planned for the upcoming year. 


Contact Daniel Glass at 612-668-0477 or at

MPS Leadership Blueprint
The MPS Leadership Blueprint competencies are foundational to the school leader selection process.