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Partnership Models
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Pre-Service Partnership Models

Pre-Service Partnership Models

Minneapolis Public Schools partners with 25 college/university teacher preparation programs. Partnership has many forms in MPS, depending on the needs of our schools and the college/university.

MPS Pre-Service Partnership Models

Traditional Placement
MPS continues to accept traditional student teacher placements but gives priority to our college/university partners who have developed clinical cluster sites or residencies and utilize co-teaching during student teaching.

Clinical Cluster Site/Professional Development Sites
An innovative partnership between a teacher preparation program and P-12 school. The goal of the partnership is to prepare teachers, provide professional development for practicing teachers, and improve P-12 student achievement. The teacher preparation program is given priority for placements at their cluster or residency sites but the relationship is not exclusive.

Pre-Service Residency/Residency Like Program
A yearlong, cohort-based licensure program. A typical residency has rigorous and aligned coursework culminating in an initial license in a compressed time frame with an option for a masters degree. A residency-like program involves a year-long placement with the same cooperating teacher. 

Cluster Site Liaison Role
A cluster site liaison is a site instructional leader who develops and supports university partnerships that utilize the student teaching/clinical experience to enhance student achievement.

MPS has funded cluster site liaison positions at several schools for the 2017-18 school year.