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What is MPS-A Program

MPS-A Program is a professional educator preparation and licensure program that aims to develop the next generation of effective, equitable, resilient, and diverse teachers. The vision of the MPS-A Program is to create an accelerated pathway(s) to teaching for our high-quality MPS employees. 


The ABS Licensure Pathway Program is a job-embedded preparation program that offers the opportunity for participants to work on a Tier 2 teaching license for one year to obtain their Special Education ABS license, which is the highest-need licensure area in MPS.


Please see this MPS-A Flyer for more information!


Program applications will open in November. Fill out an inquiry form to start the process.

ABS Licensure Pathway Highlights

  • Candidate is hired as a teacher of record on a tier 2 license at the site
  • Bachelor's degree required
  • Candidates receive support from cooperating teacher, PAR mentor, content leads, and site administration
  • Field experience while attending program coursework
  • Six hours of class each week
  • No tuition costs
  • License includes intensive literacy experience
    • ​LETRS training
    • Work at an elementary site using Functional Phonics
    • Elementary site required for the school year
    • Sites chosen by MPS Academy Program for the school year
  • ​Middle and high school experience over first and second summer session
  • Modules taught through a social, emotional, and cultural lens
  • Attain a Tier 3 State of MN Academic and Behavioral Strategist (ABS) License upon completion

ABS Licensure Pathway 

Summer I

Module 1: Foundations of Education/Special Education

Module 2: Foundations of Educational Professionalism

Module 3: Introduction to Due Process


Module 4: Implementation of Due Process - Theory into Practice

Module 5: Content Specific Instructional Strategies

Module 6: Building a Prosocial Environment


Module 7: Assessment

Module 8: Meeting Diverse Learner Needs

Module 9: Curriculum and Programming for K-21

Summer II

Module 10: Inclusive Practices for Students with Specialized Programming (ASD, DCD, EBD)

Module 11: Community Collaboration, Outreach, and Partnerships

Module 12: Professional preparation

Evaluation requirements

SOEI observations




MPS A Timeline
Program Highlights

As a potential candidate, we want to ensure you clearly understand the responsibilities and commitments of the ABS licensure pathway. Click here for some key points to consider before applying.