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MFT Negotiations
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MFT Negotiations

MFT Negotiations

Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) and the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) are currently negotiating contracts that impact 2019-2021, retroactively. Negotiations are open to the public. All are welcome to attend.

Nov. 21 Session

MPS overviewed the MPS Pro Forma – the district’s projected 2020-2021 budget – which shows a projected $19 million gap that needs to be closed in order to present a balanced budget to the Board of Education in June. MPS also reviewed the costs of individual MFT proposals – for an estimated total of $134 million, approximately $110 million more than the district’s financial authority for this contract.  Finally, MPS shared several counter-proposals to previous MFT requests.


Nov. 7 Session

The meeting started with setting future meeting dates of Jan. 16, Jan. 30 and Feb. 13. No future dates were set at this time in hope that bargaining will conclude by Feb. 13. MFT outlined three more new proposals, including two impacting school nurses, and one concerning reverting sick leave into retirement pay.  The teachers union also responded to an MPS proposal regarding sabbatical leaves, and indicated an intent to bring forth another proposal regarding reserve pay for teachers.

Oct. 10 Session

MFT shared with MPS their compensation proposal, a group benefits proposal and several other proposals that will require MPS time to calculate significant cost implications. Additionally, it is MPS’s understanding that MFT still has other proposals to share. Contract negotiations began in January 2019 (for the 2019-2021 contract), with approximately two months off for summer break at MFT’s request.

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