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Labor Negotiations
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Minneapolis Public Schools Labor Contract Negotiations Overview

Minneapolis Public Schools Labor Contract Negotiations Overview

Our Strategy

Our actions and agreements at the bargaining table will support and align with the District’s larger values, priorities, and promises to students.

Fundamental to this process is understanding that as MPS employees, no matter our roles, must work together with everyone at the table to serve the needs of Minneapolis’ diverse student body and community.  

MPS will accomplish its work by:

  • Recognizing the needs of and work to elevate our lowest-compensated employees.
  • Ensuring that available funds are distributed equitably across our employee groups.
  • Communicating accurate information openly and transparently.
  • Understanding union priorities and identifying areas of common interest and opportunities to build and sustain lasting partnerships.
  • Establishing and maintaining financial expenditure parameters that support the District’s financial solvency and align with the District’s intentional multi-year plan.
  • Supporting the negotiations teams as they carry out this work in accordance with these guiding principles.

Proposed MPS priorities for 2020-2023 contract negotiations:

  • Promote learning and working environments that welcome, respect and value diversity and focus on student/learner achievement and outcomes.
  • Promote recruitment, training and retention of a diverse cadre of educators and staff with the skills and commitment needed to ensure all students achieve their full potential.
  • Prepare and plan for timely negotiations so that all employees are working under a current contract.
  • Prioritize equitable pay for our employee groups with misaligned salary grades to help with recruitment and retention of highly qualified candidates and employees (including reaching $15 per hour minimum wage for our lowest-paid colleagues).
  • Support affordable healthcare options for employees and families, and ensure healthcare increases are distributed fairly across bargaining groups and covered primarily by the District.
  • Work with the funds we have while maximizing revenue opportunities and leveraging local, state, federal and community partnerships.
  • Create consistency in contract language across bargaining units to improve operational effectiveness.
  • Seek cost-neutral or cost-minimal opportunities to improve employee work/life balance.
  • Prepare and plan for timely negotiations so that all employees are working under a current contract.
Guiding Values

Minneapolis Public Schools has committed to uphold certain values during our contract negotiations with labor groups.