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Labor Negotiations
In This Section

Minneapolis Public Schools Labor Contract Negotiations Overview

Guiding Values

Minneapolis Public Schools has committed to uphold certain values during our contract negotiations with labor groups. 

  • Student-Focused Outcomes – We will promote a culture that is centered around students and provides for equitable access to comprehensive learning opportunities so that all students can achieve their full potential.  
  • Equity – We will identify and integrate contractual language that underscores our priority on equity and achievement for students and employees. 
  • Respect – We recognize the need to work together to support and foster success among Minneapolis’ children and youth and commit to listening and seeking to understand our union partners and identifying opportunities for collaboration.
  • Transparency and Accountability – We will share information openly with our union partners and will not shy away from difficult conversations that inform decisions.
  • Sustainability – We must and will work within our budget to meet financial obligations.