FAQ Prospective Employees
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FAQ - Prospective Employees/Job Seekers

Q. Do you have any job postings or current openings? Is there an automated number for job listings within the District?
We do not have an automated phone system for job listings. Please visit our online Employment Application page.

Q. Are temporary assignments available?
The availability of temporary assignments varies. Please visit our online Employment Application page to see which positions are available. Postings listed as always open could be used to fill temporary positions within the classification(s) posted.
Q. When do postings close?
This varies depending on the type of posting. Please refer to the posting for the specific deadline. The majority of positions are open for five days. Positions are usually posted on Mondays and close at midnight on Fridays.
Q. Is there any grace time considered if you miss the posting deadline by one day?
No, your application must be submitted online by the posted deadline.
Q. If I have questions regarding a specific posting, who should I contact? Please refer to the job posting for contact information. If you have further questions, you may contact Human Resources at 612.668.0500 or by email at staffing@mpls.k12.mn.us.
Q. What is the process for becoming a Reserve Teacher for Minneapolis Public Schools?
Please refer to the Becoming a Reserve Teacher page for further information.
Q. Do you have a need for Teachers in Minneapolis Public Schools?
Yes, we are always looking for good teachers to fill vacancies and reserve positions (long call and short call). Please visit our online Employment Application page to view are open positions and to submit your application for one of our many teacher candidate pools.
Q. What are your high need areas?
Math, Science, Special Education, Health, Bilingual (Hmong, Spanish, Somali), Industrial Technology, and Media. Please visit our online Employment Application page to view and apply for any positions you are interested in.