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Cover Letter Assistance
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Why You Are The Best Candidate



[Month] [Day], [Year]

[Your First and Last Name]
[City], [ST] [Zip Code]

[Endearment- Hello] [Hiring Manager/Search Committee/MPS School District],

[The first paragraph should introduce you and tell the hiring manager for which position you are submitting your resume.  Explain how you found out about the position.  If you have a personal or education connection to the district, you may want to mention it here.  Also, if you have done any research about the district, try to work in a fact or two to demonstrate your knowledge.]

[The second paragraph should really “sell” you as the best candidate for the position.  Use this paragraph to highlight your accomplishments or qualifications that show you are an expert in an educational setting or position.  The focus of this paragraph should be what you can do for them.  You may want to use a bulleted list or bold text to draw attention to your key points.]

[The third paragraph should tell the hiring manager when and where you can be reached.  Include a phone number or email address, if you want.  Make sure you ask them to contact you or tell them when you will contact them (if you are able to) in order to set up an interview.  Don’t forget to thank the hiring manager for his or her time and consideration.  You may also restate your desire to work for the district.]


[Your Name (typed)]
[A way to contact you]