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1. Placement Coordinator secures placement(s)

To place pre-student teachers and student teachers, the placement coordinator should contact principals directly.* We have created an email template for your placement request.

2. Register all confirmed placements with MPS

All pre-student teaching and student teaching placements must be registered with MPS via the Placement Request Portal.

2020-21 Placement Request Portal

Once you have secured a placement with a site, please officailly request the placement using this sytem. Your pre-service teachers need to register before you will be able to request a placement. If you do not see a name that you are expecting to see, please contact that pre-service teacher and tell them to register. 

3. Instruct your students to complete the required forms prior to their start date.

It is the responsibility of colleges/universities to inform their students of the required forms that they must complete prior to beginning their pre-student teaching and student teaching experiences.

All students must complete the required registration form, MPS criminal background check, and orientation.