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"Co-teaching is defined as two teachers (cooperating teacher and teacher candidate) working together with groups of students, sharing the planning, organization, delivery and assessment of instruction, as well as the physical space" (Heck, Bacharach, & Dahlberg 2010).

Co-Teaching Training

1. Foundations of Co-Teaching
Provides the philosophy and strategies for co-teaching. Teachers are only required to take the Foundations training one time. Cooperating teachers may take this training through a college/university or MPS. MPS will next offer the training in August 2016.

2. Co-Teaching Pairs Training
Provides the cooperating teacher and teacher candidate with tools for how they will successfully work together to support the learning of all students. This training is currently offered by colleges/universities.

Benefits of Co-Teaching During Student Teaching

Utilizing co-teaching strategies during student teaching provides cooperating teachers the opportunity to mentor their teacher candidates.

Data from St Cloud State University shows that co-teaching during student teaching leads to larger student achievement gains than traditional student teaching or one expert teacher in the classroom on their own.

In addition, co-teaching during student teaching:

  • Increases instructional options for all students
  • Reduces student/teacher ratio
  • Addresses the diversity and size of today's classroom
  • Enhances classroom management
  • Increases student participation and engagement
  • Enhances collaboration skills
  • Has a positive effect on student learning