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Miscellaneous UMN Expenses (estimated)
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Miscellaneous UMN Expenses (estimated)
Miscellaneous UMN Expenses (estimated)

The University of Minnesota has estimated the miscellaneous expenses that Residents will have to cover while in the Minneapolis Residency Program


Admission fees for getting into the U of MN

                   $75 Application fee

                   $ 100 Confirmation fee

Student fees required for all U of MN students

                   $600 (Approx.) per semester x 3=$1,800 University fee

                   $160 (Approx.) per semester x 3=$480 College fee


                           $500 (Approx.) per semester x 3=$1,500

Cost of taking required state assessments

MN Licensure Exams

                    $50 Annual registration fee

                    $75 Basic Skills

                    $105 Content Tests

                    $ 70 Pedagogy Tests


    $ 270

MN State License Application Fee

    $ 100 (Approx.)

A required fee for use of the data system (tk20) for reporting to the State of MN

                                    $ 110