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Grow Your Own
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Grow Your Own Programs
Grow Your Own Programs
Grow Your Own Efforts at MPS

The mission of Grow Your Own (GYO) efforts in the Minneapolis Public Schools is to create a pipeline to teaching for our students and employees. By drawing on the skills, strengths, and experiences of our MPS community, the GYO efforts aim to create a diverse, effective teaching workforce which positively impacts student outcomes.

Minneapolis Residency Program

Minneapolis Public Schools, the University of Minnesota and MFT have partnered to develop the Minneapolis Residency Program: A Minneapolis Public Schools-University of Minnesota Partnership. This is a program for current Unlicensed MPS employees who work closely with students in schools and are interested in obtaining their Elementary Education license.

Minneapolis Special Education Teacher Residency

MPS is partnering with University of St. Thomas to design and develop a pathway to Special Education: Academic and Behavioral Strategist licensure for current MPS employees. This program aims to launch in June 2017.

Other Pathways to Licensure

MPS recognizes that our employees already have many of the qualities required of effective urban teachers. Therefore, we work closely with several colleges/universities on nontraditional and Grow Your Own teacher educator programs, including:

Resources for MPS Employees

If you are interested in learning more about which pathway to teacher licensure best fits you, please fill out the Grow Your Own Pathway Inquiry Form

Other resources for MPS employees:

Pathways for MPS Students
  • Emerging Educators at South High School
    Students enrolled at South High School can participate in Emerging Educators, a partnership between MPS and MInneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC), which allows students to earn an Associate's degree while enrolled in high school.