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Minneapolis Residency Program FAQ Page
Minneapolis Residency Program FAQ Page


Program Coursework and Licensing

What are the requirements for the program?  Applicants must be currently working in an MPS site and must have completed a 4 year Bachelor's degree from a Regionally Accredited College/university with a cumulative GPA or 2.5 or higher by June 2018. You can check to see if your college/university is accredited here: http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/

How does this program prepare me to become a teacher? Residents participate in the teaching of summer school in Summer 2018, they then spend the 2018-2019 school year co-teaching in an elementary school in MPS with a classroom teacher for the entire year. This program provides the opportunity for students to co-teach while also participating in intensive coursework through the University of Minnesota.

What license program will I be enrolled in through this program? This program is the Elementary Education license program (Kindergarten - 6th grade). The university coursework is faciliated by instructors from the University of Minnesota and Minneapolis Public Schools. General information about the University of Minnesota's Elementary Education program can be found here.

Does this program also include ESL or Special Education endorsements? No, this program is solely focused on Elementary Education.

When and where do the classes meet? The exact schedule for the course meeting times has not yet been finalized but will be shared when the cohort is determined. Residents will participate in coursework during summers and the 2018 - 2019 school year. The courses are held in a Minneapolis Public Schools elementary school building and some professional development opportunities are held elsewhere. The courses are not held on the University of Minnesota campus. 

Will I have to take the MN Licensure Exams in this program? Yes, all people seeking to become teachers through the Minneapolis Residency Program will have to take MN licensure exams.

Is there any way to waive parts of the licensure exams? Yes, beginning in January 1, 2015, passing scores on the ACT Plus Writing or SAT exams may also be submitted to meet the requirement for a “skills exam in reading, writing and math”. 

  • a. In 2014 The Board of Teaching adopted the following passing scores for these exams: 
  • ACT Plus Writing Composite Score ≥ 22 and Combined English/Writing ≥ 21 

  • SAT Reading ≥ 510 Writing ≥ 510 Mathematics ≥ 520 
  • b.Scores presented for the purpose of licensing must be the result of exams taken within the last 10 years. Scores older than 10 years will not be accepted to meet licensure requirements. 

  • c. The ACT Plus Writing must be taken as a complete exam. Those who have previously taken the standard version of the ACT must take the new ACT Plus Writing in its entirety, should they choose this option.

Here are links for the ACT and SAT exams:

What resources are available for preparing to take the MN Licensure Exams? There will be tutors available to residents if they wish to work with a tutor. There are free test prep sessions for math, reading and writing offered through the TC2 program and you can find details on those sessions here: http://www.tcteacher.org/mtle.php


Application Process

How do I apply for the program? There are four  main components of the competitive application process:

  1. A completed Inquiry Form.  Click here to access the form.
  2. All college transcripts; submit these to Minneapolis.Residency@mpls.k12.mn.us. Please scan and email your transcripts. They can be official or unofficial transcripts at this time.  
  3. A current resume; submit this to Minneapolis.Residency@mpls.k12.mn.us
  4. Have three reference forms submitted on your behalf electronically. Applicants must submit the names and contact information for three references to Minneapolis.Residency@mpls.k12.mn.us. Read here for more information:  http://humanresources.mpls.k12.mn.us/mrp_reference_form

What documents will I need for the application process? You should have an udpated resume prepared as well as your transcripts for all of the colleges/universities. You will have to ask three references if they will complete a reference form on your behalf.  Finalists will complete and submit the University of Minnesota application. 

If I am a reserve teacher, who can serve as a supervisor reference? As a reserve teacher, you can have supervisors in former jobs serve as a reference as well as any principal who knows your work as a reserve teacher within Minneapolis Public Schools.

All application materials are due January 12, 2018


How much does this program cost? The program fee for the University of Minnesota is $15,000.

Who pays the program fee? Residents are responsible for paying the program fee. They can contact the University of Minnesota Financial Aid Office to learn about loans, scholarships and other important financial resources.  MRP actively looks for grants over the course of the year to help cover some cost of tuition however coverage is not guaranteed.

Will I be able to keep my job if I am selected as a resident? No, you will become a full-time student who is taking courses and co-teaching in an elementary school. Therefore, you will leave your current job to focus on being a resident.

How can I pay for the residency? There are many options for financing your education. Loans and scholarship information can be found here:  http://humanresources.mpls.k12.mn.us/financial_resources 

Once you become a teacher, your loans may be eligible for federal loan forgiveness depending on the length of time you teach and the particular school you teach in. You can search for which MPS schools are affiliated with federal loan forgiveness here: https://www.tcli.ed.gov/CBSWebApp/tcli/

What will I be paid? Residents will receive approximately $26,000 from June 2018 - June 2019. 

Will I have insurance as a resident? Yes, Residents qualify for benefits through MPS.

Residency Placement

Where will I do my co-teaching residency? Will I stay in the school where I currently work? Do I have a choice in where I am placed? A handful of MPS elementary schools wll serve as cluster sites which host several Residents. These cluster sites have not yet been finalized. Residents will be place in the school with the co-teacher who is the best fit for the resident as determined by the Minneapolis Residency Program staff. Residents will not be placed in the school where they have spent the last year working.

How many people will be selected? The cohort can have a maximum of 25 people.


Who is eligible to apply? People are eligible to apply if they:

  • Are current unlicensed MPS employees who work closely with students in schools
  • Are seeking their initial license in Elementary Education
  • Have completed a Bachelors degree
  • There is a strong preference for bilingual candidates but this is not a requirement