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Employment Verification
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Employment Verification
Employment Verification

Q. Who handles employment verifications?

    Minneapolis Public Schools uses The Work Number, a third party employment verification organization, to conduct all employment, income and social service verifications.  Please visit www.theworknumber.com or call 1-800-367-5690 for completion of employment and income verification or 1-800-660-3399 for completion of social service verifications.  The Client ID for Minneapolis Public Schools is 90004.  Please note that Human Resources and Payroll will no longer accept phone calls, emails or faxes regarding employment, income or social service verifications.  

 If you need your years of experience verified for a teaching license in a different state please email your form to Staffing@mpls.k12.mn.us or fax it to 612-668-0525.

Verification Type

Access Options

Information Required


Income requires employee’s authorization/salary key.



Employer Name or Code


Employee’s Social Security Number

Social Services

Only available to qualifying assistance agencies.