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1. Sign Student Teacher Contract with MPS

Each college/university must be contracted with MPS in order to place pre-student teachers or student teachers in our schools. Each student teacher contract is good for three school years, provided that college/university maintains a current insurance certificate with MPS. To initiate or renew a contract with MPS, please contact Julie McLeod.

Current partner colleges/universities

2. Placement Coordinator secures placement(s)

To place pre-student teachers and student teachers, the placement coordinator should contact principals directly.* We have created an email template for your placement request.

*Due to the high need for special education student teachers in our district, we have a centralized placement process to aid in the placement of teacher candidates in student teaching placements only. Please send requests to Julie McLeod.

3. Register all confirmed placements with MPS

All pre-student teaching and student teaching placements must be registered with MPS via the Placement Tracker Form.

2016-17 Pre-Service Teacher Placement Tracker Form - use for Summer 2017 placements

2017-18 Pre-Service Teacher Placement Tracker Form - use for Fall 2017 placements

4. Instruct your students to complete the required forms prior to their start date.

It is the responsibility of colleges/universities to inform their students of the required forms that they must complete prior to beginning their pre-student teaching and student teaching experiences.

All students must complete the required registration form, MPS criminal background check, and orientation.